What is the best vehicle auction site?

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Buying a car at auction has great advantages, including the price, which is much more affordable than the conventional market, and the wide variety of vehicles.

Currently, the online mode of car auctions is gaining ground due to its convenience. And with this growing demand, scammers find loopholes, being able to carry out different scams.

Today, we will help you find out if an auction house is trustworthy and, in the end, we will recommend two excellent and reputable auction houses. Check out.

Tips for finding a reliable auctioneer

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We brought you two tips that will help you differentiate between reliable auctioneer of one blow.

Tip 1 – Physical address

The first step to take to find out if an auctioneer is trustworthy is to check its physical address. Scammers often report fake physical addresses on websites.

Tip 2 – Email address

The URL or email address can also be targeted by scammers. Some modify the addresses of large auction houses, passing themselves off as branches. Therefore, if you have any doubts in this regard, you should contact the headquarters of the auction house in question.

Tip 3 – Commercial board

Another way to check the legality of the auctioneer found is to check if it has a registration with the commercial board of its operating status. Only with this registration can an auctioneer act legally.

Tip 4 – Seal

There is the Safe Auction seal, which only serious and regular auction houses have. Look for this seal on the auctioneer's website.

Auctioneer Sodré Santoro

Now, as a recommendation from a reliable auctioneer, we brought Sodré Santoro, one of the best known in the industry, with more than four decades in the auction market. Sodré Santoro is considered the largest auctioneer in South America.

She was one of the pioneers and forerunner in the sale of cars and motorcycles to and from insurance companies. Then, they opened the auctions to the general public, which made sales soar and brought growth and credibility.

With the largest patio in South America, Sodré Santoro has sales of more than 3,500 vehicles every month.

It was the first auction house to start online and in-person auctions simultaneously.

Auctioneer Sato Leilões

As a second recommendation, we present Sato Leilões, which has been in the market for more than two decades, having sold more than half a million goods at your auctions.

Sato Leilões also stands out for having followed Sodré Santoro and being one of the first to hold auctions online and in person simultaneously.

It has a huge infrastructure, having its own headquarters and its own warehouses, which, together, already exceed the milestone of 400 thousand square meters, located in greater São Paulo.

Make a smart choice and be calm when selling your car at auction. Don't forget to read the notice, where you will find all the information about the auctions and auctioned lots.


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