How to know if the car auction site is fake?

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Buying a car at auction can be a great deal for anyone looking to change vehicles or buy their first car.

The biggest advantage of purchasing a auction vehicle, is the low price, which makes several car models accessible to the public.

With the convenience of the internet, online auctions are increasingly gaining ground in consumer preference. But, in addition to attracting the attention of buyers, it attracts the attention of scammers, who take advantage of the internet to carry out their scams.

A simple search on the internet about car auctions, will bring a multitude of results, however, you should not trust any auctioneer that appears.

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To help you know if a car auction house is trustworthy, we've brought you some tips, as well as recommending two reputable auction houses in the market. Check out.

Useful tips for safely selling a car

Below, check out five useful tips for choosing one trusted auctioneer, and purchase your car:

1 – Physical address of the auctioneer

As a first tip, we advise checking the physical address of an auctioneer, as scammers often report false addresses.

2 – Email address of the auctioneer

The auctioneer's email address (URL) may also be false. Some scammers copy and change URLs of large auction houses, creating fake branches. If you have any doubts about this issue, you should contact the auctioneer's headquarters.

3 – Registration with the commercial board

An auctioneer, to carry out its function in the market legally, must be registered with the commercial board of its state. Therefore, when finding an auction house online, check this record.

4 – Secure Auction Seal

The Auction Insurance seal is a way of ensuring that the auctioneer found is, in fact, real and legal, because only then will she have this seal.

5 – Notice

Read the notice in full It is extremely important to know the legal details about the auction, times and dates, as well as the details of the auctioned lots.

Every auction house must have a notice, if you don't find it, it is certainly a scam.

Sodré Santoro

As the first auctioneer tip, we brought Sodré Santoro Leilões, which is one of the best known in the market, having been active for over 40 years.

Sodré Santoro is considered the largest auctioneer in South America, selling more than 3,500 vehicles every month.

It is a pioneer in car sales to and from insurance companies, having then begun to open auctions to the general public.

She is known for being the first auctioneer to hold online and in-person auctions simultaneously.

Sato Auctions

The second auction house we recommend is Sato Leilões, also very well known and respected in the auction market, they have been active for over two decades. During this period, the auction house has sold more than half a million goods, including cars and motorcycles.

It was also one of the first auction houses to hold an online and in-person auction simultaneously.

With its enormous infrastructure, having its own headquarters and warehouses, the auction house has a sum of 400 thousand square meters, which are located in greater São Paulo.


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