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What is the best app for satellite imaging?

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Several applications on the market provide the experience of viewing satellite-captured images of Earth and space.

With this wide range of options, you may be unsure which one is best. application to visualize space.

To help you, we brought you some applications, explaining the functionality of each one, which will make it easier for you to choose based on what you are looking for. Check it out below

Google Earth


The first application we recommend is Google Earth, a well-known app around the world. It is very useful for seeing streets, seeing places, visiting any part of the world on your cell phone.

With the resource of Street View, the user can take a virtual tour, interacting, zooming, turning corners, all remotely.

It is also integrated with Wikipedia, and provides a lot of information about places, such as historical points, monuments, museums, among others.


In partnership with NASA, the app features exclusive videos from space, Mars and the Solar System.

The Google Earth application can be found on systems Android e iOS.

Sky Map

The second application on the list is Sky Map, an application that works through GPS technology, making it possible to find celestial bodies by directing the device.

The Sky Map app can be found in the system Android.


The NASA application is, without a doubt, one of the most technological, bringing images from space, Earth and the International Space Station, Live.

The app, completely free, allows internet users to follow, in real time, everything that happens in Earth's orbit.

The NASA application can be found for download on the systems iOS e Android.

SkyView Free

The SkyView Free app transmits information about the space, such as of space stations, stars and stars, working through the cell phone camera or other device.

All information collected through the application can be shared by users on their social networks.

The SkyView Free application can be found for download on systems Android e iOS.


And the last application is MapSAT, an app focused on meteorological information, which shows, through satellite images, the weather in each region, covering the entire region. Latin America.

It presents data on wind and sea surface temperature, ultraviolet indices, among other information. It can be very useful for traveling or even leaving the house and knowing what the weather is and will be like in the next few hours.

The MapSAT application can be downloaded to the system Android.

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