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How to Record Cell Phone Calls

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Several applications offer the functionality to record phone calls made or received on mobile devices.

Since Android and iPhone (iOS) do not natively include the ability to capture calls.

These programs become useful solutions for recording meaningful dialogues.


After recording, the audios are stored.

enabling conversations to be reproduced as many times as the user desires.

With this in mind, TechTudo compiled a list of five apps for recording phone calls.


On Google and Apple operating systems.

Some options also allow you to record calls from WhatsApp and other VoIP services.

Call Recorder

The Call Recorder (formerly known as Automatic Call Recorder)

It is a free application for Android.

After installation, it automatically records all calls without the need for manual activation.

The service comes into action during calls made or received.

Storing the audios in the application itself.

This allows the user to listen to conversations repeatedly.

In addition to enabling file sharing via WhatsApp.

Call Recording – Cube ACR

This application records phone calls, including those from WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram

And other services, exclusively on Android devices.

After installation, an application bubble appears on the screen during calls.

Allowing you to start and pause recording as needed.

All calls are stored free of charge in the application's memory.

Offering the user the flexibility to listen to recordings as many times as they want.


TapeACall: Record Calls is an option for iPhone (iOS) users.

This application performs the recording through a conference with two numbers: one for the contact and the other for the application itself.

Storing the conversation in the service cloud. The process is simple:

open the app, tap the recording button, call the desired person and group the conversation.

TapeACall is free, but additional call recording services have an initial cost of R$9,90.

ACR Call Recording

Call Recording – ACR, available for Android, automatically records calls and emphasizes the organization of recordings in the application.

The audios are stored in the app, categorized as calls made, received or marked as important.

The application also offers a search tool to make it easier to find recordings.

And it allows you to store files on cloud services, such as Google Drive and OneDrive.

Free Automatic Call Recorder – callX

This app, free for Android devices, allows the user to choose to record all calls or activate recording manually.

Manual recording can be started by shaking the device before starting the call.

Additionally, filters can be applied to record only desired calls.

Such as those from phonebook contacts or unknown numbers.

There is no recording limit, allowing the user to capture as many conversations as they wish.


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