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Find out who visited your Instagram profile

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The old Orkut is a good example of a social network that showed who had visited your profile. But times have changed, and in most of the current apps, you can no longer easily know who has been on your profile.

But of course, there is a way for everything. There are some ways to find out who has visited your profile on today's social networks.

There are ways to check this in apps that are not official channels and require login. After a while of use, they require you to subscribe to the app. With these apps, the security of your data is not always guaranteed.


Therefore, today we will teach you how to check who has entered your profile more securely since it does not require a login and is completely free. check it out

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Stalker Insta

The Stalker Insta website, as the name says, is used to check who has entered your Instagram profile and which publications they have viewed.

To use the site, just enter the name of your profile or the URL of the post you want to know who has seen it, and a list will appear with all the users who have visited your profile or post the most in the last month.


However, for this to work, the account must be opened. Below we teach you in more detail how to use Stalker Insta.

Stalker Insta Tutorial

To use the site, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Stalker Insta website;
  2. Click on “View Stalkers”;
  3. Skip the ad;
  4. Type the name of the profile you wanted to check the stalkers (you don't need to add the @);
  5. Click on “View Stalkers”;
  6. A list will appear with the users who viewed your page the most in the last month: information such as name and photo may be blurred if the user has a private account or if you do not follow them.

Stalker TikTok

It is also possible, on the same site to click on Stalker TikTok to see who visited your TikTok profile. Here's how to do it:

  1. Access Stalker TikTok;
  2. Click on “View Stalkers”;
  3. Skip the ads;
  4. Add a public TikTok profile;
  5. Click on “View Stalkers”;
  6. A list of the profiles that have most visited your profile in the last month will appear, as above, showing their names and pictures if they are public and you follow them.

The website has no search limits, so you can search as many profiles as you want and as often as you want.

The advantage of the site not collecting your data and credit cards also helps in the privacy and trust of the service.


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