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Mobile Volume Booster Application

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There are several free apps available for turn up the cell phone volume effectively and safely.

Best Free Apps

Here are some of the best free apps to increase cell phone volume:

GOODEV Volume Booster

GOODEV Volume Booster is one of the most popular volume booster apps on Android devices.


It's easy to use and offers a significant volume boost, whether for music, videos or notifications.

The app allows users to adjust the boost level as per their needs, providing a personalized experience.


O EqualizerFX not only increases the volume of the cell phone, but also improves the sound quality through a five-band equalizer.


With audio effects like Bass Boost and Virtualizer, this app is ideal for users who want an enhanced sound experience.

Super Volume Booster

Super Volume Booster is another efficient app to increase volume on Android devices.

It offers an increase of up to 60% in the cell phone's sound volume, in addition to having a music equalizer that allows detailed adjustments.

Volume Booster by InShot Inc.

Developed by InShot Inc., this application offers reliable and safe volume boosting.

It also includes an equalizer to customize the sound output and offers a modern and intuitive design.

Precise Volume

Precise Volume is a powerful tool that replaces Android's default volume controller with a more detailed and configurable one.

It allows fine volume adjustments and includes several customization options, including preset profiles and a built-in equalizer.

Final Words

Although volume booster apps can be extremely useful, it is important to use them with caution.

Excessively increasing the volume may damage the device's speakers and cause hearing problems for the user.

Therefore, it is recommended to start with smaller adjustments and gradually increase as necessary.


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